What I Desire

Lord I desire to live according to Your laws.
I desire to keep Your decrees and seek You with all my heart.
I will praise You with a sincere heart.
I will treasure Your word in my heart.
I will rejoice in Your way as much as in riches.
I will meditate on Your precepts and Your ways.
When life is down in the dust, I will get life from Your word.
I will choose the way of truth.
I desire Your decrees rather than material gain.
I trust in Your word.
I gain Hope in Your word.
In my affliction Your promise gives me life.
The earth is filled with Your faithful love.
I put my Hope in Your word.
I love Your teaching and I will meditate on it all day.
I love Your insight more than that of all other teachers.
My eyes pour out streams of tears because people do not follow Your instruction.
You are trustworthy in all.
Your word is completely pure.
I gain understanding from Your decrees and live.
I will meditate on Your promise.
I gain understanding according to Your word.